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Shirley Davis Conrad
I regret to inform you that Shirley Davis Conrad passed away on April 9, 2018.  
Shirley, as vital part of the annual reunion organizing and contact team, has always been instrumental and tireless in the formation, updating and publishing of the PHS Class of '51 Directory and keeping us informed on any Class News.  We will miss her very much.
Her obituary can be viewed on:

A U-Tube Clip of Pasadena, Tx in 1949 
Click on the following link to view Pasadena businesses and people back in 1949:

CLASS OF ’51 - 65TH REUNION, APRIL 9, 2016             


We celebrated our 65th Class Reunion on Saturday, April 9, 2016, at the DoubleTree Hilton location, across the street from Hobby Airport.  Approximately 70 Classmates including significant others signed up to attend; however, quite a few Classmates did/could not attend.  The Reunion Committee Members, listed below,  again did an excellent job of organizing this reunion!

Many of the Classmates with their Daughters attending made it, since a number of our members were in wheelchairs.  Unfortunately, Charles Fischer who was going to handout the Lottery Rewards to those who participated less 4 Classmates who had passed on, experienced a problem with his heart on Saturday morning and had to be transported to the Hospital.  Since they could not find anything seriouly wrong with him after he was subjected to stress tests, etc. , he was released on Sunday afternoon.  Willo Dean handed out the Lottery Rewards in his absence.

It was good to see our Classmates again and since this was our last reunion it was a final adieu. 

Shirley Davis Conrad will probably write a more detailed/interesting review of the occasion and until she does this is a very short synopsis of the events. 




Joan Butler Neal, 4827 Julia Court, Pasadena, TX 77505, 281-356-2112,


Gloria Chitwood Vetzel, 2403 Morning Glory, Pasadena, TX 77503, 281-991-1469,                          


Shirley Davis Conrad, 1413 Harris Ave., Pasadena TX 77506-3717, 713-473-0989,


Willo Dean Perry Konvicka, 12538 Ticonderoga, Houston, Tx 281-458-2275





Class of 1951 - Mini-Reunion March 28, 2015
We had a beautiful day for our mini-reunion at Pepper’s on March 28th. We had about 40 classmates and guests and had a very enjoyable event.
We talked briefly about our 65th reunion and want to hear from everyone with any suggestions. Tentative plans are to have it the first or second weekend of April, as Easter is the last Sunday of March.
Some have mentioned having it in the Fall, but others prefer keeping the schedule we’ve established. Some points for Spring are: no threat of hurricanes, no hunting season coming up,
and some of our “snowbirds” will not be able to attend in the Fall.
We hope to have it at the same hotel (Hilton at Hobby, now renamed Doubletree Hilton), so those flying in to Hobby Airport can ride the hotel’s shuttle over to the hotel.
People coming in on Friday to spend the night can contact classmates to meet for dinner at the hotel, as well as meeting for breakfast on Sunday.
We hope to have our reunion and meal Saturday in the Moody Ballroom, with a room across the hall for sitting, drinking coffee, looking at memorabilia during the day.
We should have a special rate for rooms at the hotel and will be trying to get a good value for our Reunion. We hope to meet at the hotel to go over arrangements.
Mini-Reunion--Saturday, March 29, 2014

Wanda McNeil, Leon and Marjorie Sefton
Sue and Don Talbot, Margie Benoit Fry, Joan Butler Neal & Don Miller

Shirley Davis Conrad
Roberta Stone Comley & Jack Turner

Robert Wilson, Bobby Monroe & Dorothy Suggs
Pat Kolaski Bailess, Loraine Sutherland Burton, Kathryn King Fischer

Marcia Drew Benash, Barbara Cleghorn Dickerson, Joyce & Earl Boykin
Kenneth Mills, Bennie & Willo Dean Perry Konvicka, Joy Hight and Jackie Houston Conces

Karen Clark Engelbretson, Peggy Peek Spear, Helen Cruse Shinpaugh & Dee Ragan
Joy Hight, Jackie Houston Conces & Bob

Gloria Chitwood Vetzel
Diane Walker & Robert Hall, Gene & Doris Spicer Hargis

Mini-Reunion/80th Birthday Party--Saturday, March 16, 2013
We celebrated our mini-reunion/80th birthday party at Pepper's Restaurant, 3604C Fairmont Parkway on Saturday, March 16, 2013. It was another success since 51 Classmates and Significant Others attended the festivities.

We were very sorry that Lorraine and Robert Burton could not attend due to medical problems. Also Clark Oliphant could not make it due to a wrist problem and we are sure that others could not attend for similar and other reasons. We missed you.

As soon as I receive additional information and pictures taken by Shirley Davis Conrad, Gloria Chitwood Vetzel, Gerry Kinsey O'Farrel and other camera bugs, they will be posted on the web page.

If you would like to receive class news via email, you can send your email address to . Please indicate if you would like your address kept private (not in the directory). All emails to the classmates are bcc, so it is private in that respect. I do not forward anecdotes, warning, etc., only class news.

Our class website is and a web page for Paul McGowen's grandson is at You can access these web sites by clicking on the links.

We still have our first Monday lunches at Luby’s on Center in Deer Park, 11 A.M. till about 1 P.M. We enjoy a variety of good food and complementary coffee.

Donations are always welcome to help pay for mailings, website, and reunions. Checks should be made out to "Class of '51" and mailed to Willo Dean Perry Konvicka, listed below.

PHS 1953 is planning a 5-class reunion for their 60th.

Robert and Lorraine Sutherland Burton 406 Friends Knoll Lane, Friendswood, Texas 77546-3718, 281-482-1049 email

Joan Butler Neal, 28862 Lakeside Green, Magnolia, TX, 77355-2845, 281-356-2112,

Gloria Chitwood Vetzel, 2403 Morning Glory, Pasadena, TX 77503, 281-991-1469,

Shirley Davis Conrad, 1413 Harris Ave., Pasadena TX 77506-3717, 713-473-0989,

Charles Fischer, P. O. Box 612, Ingram, TX 78025-0612, 830-367-5601,
Jackie Houston Conces, 3663 Fairmont #5104, Pasadena, Texas 77504-3168, 281-998-0025

Helen Kruse Shinpaugh, 5050 Woodway, Apt 2B, Houston, TX 77056-1709 713-621-4113, Cell: 281-513-0067,

Willo Dean Perry Konvicka, 12538 Ticonderoga, Houston, Texas 77044-2330, 281-458-2275,

Romain Slabbaert, 663 Oak Valley Dr., Kerrville, TX 78028, 830-895-0953

PLUS The Luby's Lunch Bunch
Class of '51 - 61th Reunion, March 31, 2012.
We celebrated our 61st mini-reunion Saturday March 31, 2012 11:00AM, at Pepper's Restaurant, 3604C Fairmont Parkway.

There were 51 Classmates and guests in attendance and everyone enjoyed the socializing, meal, coffee and cake. Reunion Pictures are posted below.

Robert and Lorraine Burton could not attend this reunion as well as the last reunion due to illness. Robert is recuperating from surgery, and is at Kindred rehabilitation to help him get back on his feet. Their address is listed below
On another sad note Dan Fischer, who attended the reunion with Kathryn, passed away on April 28, 2012 while mowing his lawn. Dan and Kathryn's address is 2016 Midlothian Lane, Kingwood, Texas 77339-4425.

The reunion committee is planning another mini-reunion for next year. Please contact the Reunion Committee members listed below for information or input.


Robert and Lorraine Sutherland Burton 406 Friends Knoll Lane, Friendswood, Texas 77546-3718, 281-482-1049 email

Joan Butler Neal, 28862 Lakeside Green, Magnolia, TX, 77355-2845, 281-356-2112,

Gloria Chitwood Vetzel, 2403 Morning Glory, Pasadena, TX 77503, 281-991-1469,

Shirley Davis Conrad, 1413 Harris Ave., Pasadena TX 77506-3717, 713-473-0989,

Charles Fischer, P. O. Box 612, Ingram, TX 78025-0612, 830-367-5601,
Jackie Houston Conces, 3663 Fairmont #5104, Pasadena, Texas 77504-3168, 281-998-0025

Helen Kruse Shinpaugh, 5050 Woodway, Apt 2B, Houston, TX 77056-1709 713-621-4113, AT&T cell: 281-513-0067,

Willo Dean Perry Konvicka, 12538 Ticonderoga, Houston, Texas 77044-2330, 281-458-2275,

Romain Slabbaert, 663 Oak Valley Dr., Kerrville, TX 78028, 830-895-0953

plus Altha, Betty, Bonnie, Della, Norma, Roberta and all the lunch bunch

Della Beatty Thomas & Alton McGee
Dee Ragan & Ralph McNeil
Willo Dean Perry & Bennie Konvicka, Don Miller, Joy Hight
Robert Wilson, Bobby Monroe and Dorothy Suggs
Pat Kolaski Bailess & Lorraine Sutherland Burton
Margie Benoit Fry, Peggy Peak Spear and Shirley Davis Conrad
Joy Hight, Shirley Davis Conrad, Marcia Drew Benash, Barbara Cleghorn Dickerson and Doris Spicer Hargis
Joan Butler Neal, Margie Benoit Fry and Peggy Peak Spear
Gloria Chitwood Vetzel and Shirley Davis Conrad
Dee Ragan, Earl Boykin and Ralph McNeil
Alton McGee and Margie Benoit Fry
Bill Long and Bill Moody
Margie Benoit Fry & Don Talbot

Peggy Peek Spear & Neuborn Shepherd

Sue & Don Talbot, Neuborn Shepherd & Joan Butler Neal

Helen Kruse Shinpaugh & Anne Blakesly Groves '52
Bennie & Willo Dean Perry Konvicka
Bill& Sheron Long

Bill Moody & Alton McGee
Bo Bailess, Wesley Turnbow, Pat Kolaski Bailess & Kathryn King Fischer
Charles Duschamp

Bonnie Ryan Phillips, Cavita Smith Ebelt ('52)Marcia Drew Benash, Eugene Stahl, Jackie Houston Conces & Joyce Boykin
Bonnie Ryan Phillips, Helen Kruse Shinpaugh & Jackie Houston Conces
Charles Duschamp, Gene Hargis, Gloria Chitwood Vetzel, Doris Spicer Hargis & Shirley Davis Conrad

Della Beatty Thomas
Doris Spicer Hargis & Gene Hargis
Dorothy Suggs & Bobby Monroe

Earl & Joyce Boykin and Robert Wilson
Earl & Joyce Boykin
Gloria Chitwood Vetzel, Roberta Stone Comley & Norma Billinsley Shepherd

Helen Kruse Shinpaugh & Marcia Drew Benash
Jackie Houston Conces, Bennie & Willo Dean Perry Konvicka and Joy Hight
Joy Hight, Gerry Kinsey O'Farrel and Marsha Drew Benash

Leon Sefton and Charles Fischer
Leon Sefton, Shirley Davis Conrad and Romain Slabbaert
Marvie Juerges Locklin and Donna Howard Dahse

Neuborn Shepherd, Alton McGee and Gene Hargis
Pat Kolaski Bailess & Kathryn King Fischer
Paul & Norleen McGowen

Peggy Peek Spear & Don Miller
Peggy Peek Spear, Willo Dean Perry Konvicka & Margie Benoit Fry
Sue & Dan Talbot, Neuborn Shepherd and Joan Butler Neal

Sue and Dan Talbot
Wanda & Ralph McNeil and Don Miller
Wesley & Sonia Turnbow

Please contact Shirley Davis Conrad for Errors or Omissions.

Ann Blakesley (PHS 1952) and Norma Billingsley Shepherd
Bobby Monroe, Eugene & Beth Stahl and Covita Smith (PHS 1952)

Dan Talbot, Neuborn Shepherd, Roberta Stone Comley, Sue Talbot & Darlene Shepherd
Donna Howard Dahse & Raymond Florow
Helen Kruse Shinpaugh & Betty Jo Barnhart Bingham

Jean Hall's Daughter, Jean Hall & Bobby Monroe
Lorraine & AJ McGee
Maxine Borchardt & Oscar Schank

Neuborn & Darlene Shepherd
Paul McGowen & Peggy Peek Spear
Roberta Stone Comley, Norma Billingsley & Bill Shepherd

Peggy Peek Spear & Charles Duschamp
Wayne and Jeanette Field & Kathryn King Fischer
Romain Slabbaert & AJ McGee

Ralph & Wanda McNeil

Jackie Houston Conces & Bob Lamb

Shirley Davis Conrad & Sylvia Hausler Hugo
at the rehab/long-term care facility in League City.
The line dance group of which Shirley is a member
(Silver Star Line Dancers from Madison Jobe Senior Citizens Center)
performed for the residents on May 26.

Class of '51 - 60th Reunion, held March 26, 2011 is History.

We had a great 60th Reunion. Tentative count is 59 of our classmates plus 24 from other classes, spouses, escorts. Not everyone signed in, so the count will increase when we check our pictures. Pictures, submitted by me, have been added below and more to come. Please send/email your pictures to Shirley for further handling.

I didn't make the happy announcement that our classmate Paul Englishbee will be getting married in May and will live in Encinitas, California. I know we all congratulate Paul and wish the best for him and Betty. Hope to see them both at the next reunion. I'm sorry I missed making this announcement so we could all rejoice with Paul and his daughter at the Reunion. For those that did not make this reunion, another one is planned next year and the details will be worked out.

Shirley Davis Conrad


Bill & Norma Billingsley Shepherd
and Jo Ann Floyd
Bill Hall & Earl Boykin
Gene & Doris Spicer Hargis

Elnora Flynn, Floyd Stone
and Annette Benton Whatley
Paul Englishbee & Daughter Elizabeth Bremer
Barbara Cleghorn Dickerson &
Shirley Davis Conrad

Betty Jo Bingham Barnhart &
Marilyn Miller Patterson
Bill & Sheron Long Bobby Monroe & Eugene Stahl

Bonnie Ryan Phillips Bill Moody & Carl Cox Dee Pollard Callihan, Willo Dean Perry Konvicka &
Lorraine Sutherland Burton

Della Beatty Thomas & Cecil White Doris Herring Kouba & Bart Kouba Carl & Pat Cox

Eugene Stahl & Charles Duschamp Hartford Anderson, Bill Hall & Willo Dean Perry Konvicka James Page, Shirley Davis Conrad & Jackie Houston Conces

Joan Butler Neal, Kathryn King Fischer &
Pat Kolaski Bailess
Joan Butler Neal & Peggy Peek Spear Marcia Drew Benash & Altha Dossey Williamson

Marilyn Miller Patterson &
Margie Benoit Fry
Paul McGowan & Marvine Juerges Locklin Peggy Peek Spear,
Billy & Shirley Pinkston

Raymond Florow,
Emil & Sally Soderquist
Rob & Anita Hand Rollo Pat Kolaski Bailess, Rob & Anita Hand Rollo &
Kathryn King Fischer

Shirley Davis Conrad & Robert Wilson Wesley & Sonja Turbow Al & Gerry Kinsey O'Farrel
61th Wedding Anniversary


Dan Talbot & Dan Fischer Gay & Travis Dixson Willo Dean Perry & Bennie Konvicka


Don Miller & Ralph McNeil Romain Slabbaert, Hartford Anderson & Mary Slabbaert


Wesley Turnbow, Raymond Florow & Norleen McGowen


Roy Allen, Don Miller & Wanda McNeil


Travis Dixson, Shirley Davis Conrad, Joy Hight & Hartford Anderson


Hans & Sylvia Hausler Hugo Betty Jo Bingham Barnhart & Helen Kruse Shinpaugh



59th Lunch Reunion & Plans for the Big 60th Reunion


We celebrated our mini-reunion on March 27, 2010 at Pepper's Restaurant in Pasadena. The mini-reunion was a big success, with 44 classmates and 12 spouses attending. The Reunion Committee voted to have our big 60th reunion at the Hilton Hotel-Hobby Airport on Saturday, March 26, 2011, one year from the date of our mini-reunion. We will have a meeting at the Hobby Hilton Hotel in a week or so and give you more details. We will be posting some pictures from the mini-reunion as soon as we gather them from our various photographers, so keep checking our web site.

As the Pasadena Luby's has closed, please join us for the first Monday lunches at the Deer Park Luby's on Center in Deer Park at 11 A.M. It is about a block north of Spencer Highway. If you can't make it at 11:00 come anyway, many come later and stay longer. The food is good, and service is exceptional.

The bricks that various classmates bought have been installed at Pasadena High School, and we have a picture on the web site @ PHSBricks. We worked with the manufacturer and were able to get a better price on the bricks, then we located a bricklayer to do the job cheaper than the school district projected. The district even contracted with him to install bricks they had been storing for several years. Part of the money that was saved on the installation of the bricks will be used for the 60th reunion. It will be a bang-up reunion without having to pay a lot out of your pockets.


Tapley presented the Distinguished Alumnus Award

Dr. Byron D. Tapley, a 1951 Pasadena High School graduate and current chairman of the Department of Aerospace Engineering at the University of Texas at Austin, was named the Pasadena Independent School District's 2009 Distinguished Alumnus.

Tapley was formally presented with the award at a special reception held in his honor on Thursday, March 12, at the Pasadena ISD Administration Building.

For more of this story, click on or type the URL below:

Pasadena Citizen News

Copy of the Article in the Pasadena Citizen is as follows (without his picture):

Dr. Byron D. Tapley, a 1951 Pasadena High School graduate and current chairman of the Department of Aerospace Engineering at the University of Texas at Austin, was named the Pasadena Independent School District’s 2009 Distinguished Alumnus.

Tapley will formally be presented with the award at a special reception to be held in his honor at 6:30 p.m. Thursday, March 12, at the Pasadena ISD Administration Building, 1515 Cherrybrook.

Tapley was raised in Pasadena and attended Kruse Elementary and Jackson Junior High (now Jackson Intermediate) before his graduation from Pasadena High School. He then graduated from the University of Texas in 1956 with a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering. He also earned his master’s and doctoral degrees from University of Texas.

As chairman of the Department of Aerospace Engineering at the University of Texas, he has helped it evolve into one of the top 10 programs in the nation. Under his leadership, the university’s Center for Space Research is an internationally-ranked center for research.

Among Tapley’s many achievements, he established the Orbit Mechanics Program at the university and developed it into an internationally recognized program of excellence for graduate study in space research and applications. In addition, Tapley has served as a director for the Texas Space Grant Consortium and an advisor to the National Research Council. He is also a member of the National Academy of Engineering.

For the past 11 years, the Distinguished Alumnus recognizes a Pasadena ISD graduate who has made significant contributions to society and whose accomplishments and career have brought credit to the Pasadena school district.




About 47 Classmates and others attended the 75th birthday reunion. We will be calling those who said they were coming but did not attend, and let them know we missed them.

We collected $50 in donations, and 8 classmates paid to have their names on the bricks, with more promising to send a check. Those who paid were: Earl Boykin, Wayne Field, Diane Walker Hall, Ralph McNeil, Raymond Florow, Margie Benoit Fry, Leon Sefton, and Paul McGowen.

Our lunch cost was $518.75 to serve 55 people and we had plenty. We have had offers for two other free sites for yearly lunch/mini-reunions, and everyone seemed to be enthusiastic for keeping up the yearly events.

Charles Fischer is going to draft a letter to send to the classmates regarding the plaque and bricks, and we will attach a picture and offer them a chance to participate. At the same time, Shirley Davis Conrad will send out a newsletter with news about the 75th birthday/mini-reunion and any directory changes, as well as our usual reminders and list of Reunion Committee members to contact, so if anyone has anything to add to it, please let her know.


Paul and Norleen McGowen's Grandson Chase,


14 year-old Chase McGowen, a typical teenager who digs music, pizza, teasing his sisters and cutting up with friends. One thing sets Chase apart from being your "typical" kid though. Chase has cystic fibrosis.

Chase spent over a year waiting for lung and liver transplants, culminating in historical surgery on January 5, 2004. Chase's miraculous recovery has been inspiring. The McGowen family is very grateful to everyone who contributed to this miracle: the doctors, medical staff, friends, all the fund-raising contributors and volunteers, and the exciting celebrity visits.

Thank you each and every one. The McGowen family asks you to remember the donor family in your prayers.

As of late Chase's health has deteriorated, then stabilized several times, and he is in need of a lung transplant.
Please visit their web site for additional information:

October 13,14 and 15, 2006

The Class of 1951 55th Reunion was held on Friday October 13, Saturday October 14, and Sunday morning October 15, 2006 at the Hobby Hilton, near the Hobby Airport. The festivities started at 5:00 p.m. on Friday with greetings to our Classmates and we had a sit-down dinner Saturday evening followed by a Sunday morning breakfast.
Robert Burton and Charles Fischer were the MCs and Clark Oliphint, Marilyn Miller Patterson and Willo Dean Perry Konvicka made presentations. Our Classmates, who have died, were remembered. Approximately 70 plus Classmates and guests attended, and pictures of the event are on the 55th Reunion Picture page.
Marilyn Miller Patterson & Clark Oliphint

Valedictorians Marilyn Miller Patterson & Clark Oliphint (not pictured LaNell Bishop Gregg & Anita Hand Rollo)

We have a Published Author in our Class!

***Marilyn Miller Patterson has written a book titled "Reaching to Recovery -- Depression Anonymous", which is now in publication.
(Click to Enlarge)
Click to Enlarge

It is a guideline for a 12-step program, devised by her, to assist in recovering from depression. It also contains personal stories of people who have suffered from depression, including Marilyn's personal struggle.

Photos of this mini-reunion can be viewed by clicking on Mini-Reunion Photos



The 70th Birthday Celebration Reunion, which was held on Saturday September 20, 2003 at the Monument Inn, 4406 Battleground Road, La Porte 77571 was a great success with about 70 classmates and members of other classes attending. Click on Photos of this celebration.




Dear Classmates:

The 50th high school reunion celebration was a success due to the hard work and planning by:
Robert and Lorraine Burton
Joan Butler Neal
Shirley Davis Conrad
Gloria Chitwood Vetzel
Jackie Houston Conces
Helen Kruse Shinpaugh
Joy Hight
Anita Hubbard and Al Gould
Charles Fischer
Carlton Guidry
and others.

An unexpected 160 classmates and their guests attended, and at the last minute we had to obtain a larger room, since the room we reserved was not big enough.

On Friday the Pasadena High School tour was attended by 70 people and guided by Principal Mr. Wayne Adams and Bookkeeper Mrs. O'Banion. Without exaggerating, our old beloved PHS now looks more like a Junior College Campus.

The hospitality suites were an ideal gathering place for our returning classmates, some we have not set eyes on for a half a century. Much memorabilia was displayed in the hospitality rooms for the nostalgic moments we all come to love more and more, as the years pass on.

The Saturday Banquet and Program was attended by Coach Carter Lomax, Mrs. Jeanne Smith and Mrs Estelle Carter and her husband. Unfortunately Mr. Carroll Teague could not attend due to illness.

Robert Burton opened the program by welcoming everyone, and recognizing the teachers in attendance. Charles Fischer served as the Masters of Ceremony. Several classmates participated in the program, and were for the most part a humorous rendition of:

"True Confessions" - Charles Fischer, Leon Sefton, Byron Tapley, Neuborn Shepherd, Hartford Anderson

PHS Sports etc. - Alton McGee

Girls Senior Trip - Pat Kolaski Bailess

"The Way We Were" - Mary Laura Hall Pierce - Rap Song by Mary Laura

"Stuchbery's Band"- John Finney and Earl Boykin

As a tribute to our deceased classmates, Rober Burton formulated and gave a slide presentation, narrated by Shirley Davis Conrad and Gloria Chitwood Vetzel. Cynthia Darby Ward read a letter from Bill Allen's wife, as a tribute to our Class President Bill Allen, who passed away this year.

Charles Fischer made a challenge to the class to collect money on an annual basis to purchase a class gift to be presented to PHS during our 70th Reunion in 2021. The surviving classmate(s) will make the presentation to the school. Details to follow.

The Invocation and Benediction were given by Raymond Florow and Dan Talbot respectively.

50th Reunion Photo Page 1 | 50th Reunion Photo Page 2  | 

Click to Enlarge
50th Reunion - PHS Tour
(Click on Photo to Enlarge)

"Not Finished, Just Begun"

1951 Class Flower-Click to Enlarge GREEN &
1951 Class Song-Click to Enlarge
Class Flower
White Carnation
Class Colors
Class Song
"Look for the Silver Lining"

We continue to look for the following missing classmates:

Carl Carlson
Noel Grant
Bill Jacques
Barbara Lawson
Margie Morris 
Barbara Miller
Betty Orgeron
Marilyn Robertson

If you have any information concerning these classmates please let us know. In addition, if you have any updates on the directory, etc. please forward them to the Reunion Committee.



Lorraine Burton
406 Friends Knoll
Friendswood, Texas 77546-3781
Phone No.: 281-482-1049

Joan Butler Neal
28862 Lake Side Green
Magnolia, Texas 77355-2845
Phone No: 281-356-2112

Gloria Chitwood Vetzel
Phone No: 281-998-3363

Shirley Davis Conrad
1413 Harris Avenue
Pasadena, Texas 77506-3717
Phone No.: 713-473-0989

Willo Dean Perry Konvicka
12538 Ticonderoga
Houston, TX 77044-2330;
Phone: 281-458-2275


Pasadena Independent School District Alumni Information

U.S. High Schools Alumni Information

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